The 404 628: Where we're built for speed, not comfort (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu say a fond farewell to Natali Del Conte Thursdays (for now), take a peek at Chatroulette's new and legit services, and pimp our our ongoing Blackberry sponsorship!

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Thursdays are always special on The 404 Podcast because Natali Del Conte drops by to help us discuss stories, but today we say TTFN to our Loaded friend as she takes time off to take care of our little co-host-to-be. Since today is the last time she'll be on the show for awhile, we make a solemn oath to leave pickles, Inception, and iPhones out of the day's news rundown.

Remember Chatroulette, the Web site that uses your webcam to put you in a video chat sesion with a person on the Internet? It might be so three months ago, but the site is now introducing a new "Localroulette" version that puts users in a channel specific to their location in the world, effectively eliminating the anonymity that made the site so infamously popular in the first place.

Natali Del Conte

If you miss the creepy, exhibitionist channels once described as "71% boys, 15% girls, 14% perverts", Chatroulette is also adding the ability to create your own channel where users can find others with similar interests. No surprise here, but the top user-create channels are dominated by sexually-dominated themes like "sex" and "free porn." These new features are aimed at legitimizing the site to combat the fact that adult experiences are almost unavoildable. That said, the site continues to post outrageous traffic numbers, including 1.1 million unique views in May of 2010.

As you must know by now, we're continuing our Blackberry service all month that lets YOU get in touch with the show by adding our PIN #, that's 2482F452! The three of us are taking turns bringing the phone home, but it should be obvious who's responding to your message: a snarky comment is most likely Jeff Bakalar, a well-informed factoid is probably Wilson G. Tang, and that flesh-toned multimedia messages are pretty much guaranteed to be sent by yours truly. Also big thanks to Officer Gardner for the message you see below; it's our pick for the BBM OF THE WEEK:

Love the show. I'm a state trooper in Kansas and it makes my day go by fast. it also helped when I have someone under arrest and make the arrestee listen to the show as I drive to the jail! -Officer Gardner

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