The 404 616: Where the Internet is so 1999 (podcast)

Today Natali Del Conte joins the show to help us understand why Prince thinks the Internet is "over."

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
Jeff is CNET Editor at Large and a host for CNET video. He's regularly featured on CBS and CBSN. He founded the site's longest-running podcast, The 404 Show, which ran for 10 years. He's currently featured on Giant Bomb's Giant Beastcast podcast and has an unhealthy obsession with ice hockey and pinball.
Jeff Bakalar

Watch this: The 404 616: Where the Internet is so 1999

We hope you had a great Fourth of July holiday weekend, but now it's back to the grind with a shortened week of 404 shows!

Is the Internet really over? Well, apparently that's what Prince thinks. That's right, the man who at one point in his career wanted everyone to refer to him as an unspeakable symbol has told The Mirror that the Internet was once "hip" but is now "suddenly outdated."

Joining us today to chat about Prince is Natali Del Conte, who is subbing in for Justin Yu while he's on vacation in California. Natali also brings us a few stories she's unearthed, including one about a man who died during a screening of the new "Twilight" movie.

We've got plenty more for you today, including a healthy amount of listener-submitted voicemails, so hit the play button, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the glory that is The 404.



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