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The 404 568: Where we have a warrant for your arrest (podcast)

Gizmodo's story of the lost iPhone just got a little too real.

Thanks Blake (click for larger). Blake Stevenson

Gizmodo's story of the lost iPhone just got a little too real, with San Mateo County police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's Fremont, Calif., home in search of any information surrounding the acquisition of the 4G prototype.

According to an account by Chen, the police used a search warrant to visit his home while Jason was away and immediately searched him for "weapons or sharp objects" upon his arrival.

After finding what we can only assume to be some change and maybe a couple of USB keys, the cops confiscated several of Chen's computers and servers in a bold move that Lucy Dalgish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press describes as "an incredibly clear violation of state and federal law."

With Gizmodo facing criminal investigation and possible felony charges, all of a sudden Gray Powell's fumble doesn't seem that bad!


Apple is facing its own charges in a class action lawsuit over the iPhone's Liquid Submersion Indicators. Charlene Gallion's iPhone stopped working after a year of ownership, but Apple Geniuses denied her a new phone on the grounds that Apple's warranty policy doesn't cover the phone if the liquid sensor is triggered.

An independent test shows that the external indicator can easily turn colors with moisture from sweat or even weather changes, yet still no word on whether the "mystery liquid" that drowned my old iPhone 3G is covered.

There are plenty more stories to get to on today's episode--listen to find out exactly what goes into a Fat Cat Sandwich, how we plan to streamline the theatergoing experience, and why the Black Eyed Peas are still relevant today!



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