The 404 159: Where Justin burns down the 404 studio

On today's show: in Jeff's absence, Justin takes over the studio and all hell breaks loose. Natali Del Conte rushes in to save the day! Wilson sits back and laughs, and we discuss a few stories, like free Olympic condoms and annoying neighbors.

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Justin Yu
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On today's show: In Jeff's absence, Justin takes over the studio and all hell breaks loose. Natali Del Conte rushes in to save the day! Wilson sits back and laughs, and we discuss a few stories about free Olympic condoms, annoying neighbors, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and lost light sabers.

When Jeff's away, the SPig will play! That's right, Jeff's on vacation in Atlantic City, New Jersey, gambling his salary away, so I decide to take up the reins and jump into the hot seat! And trust me, you don't want to miss this show, because it very well might be the last. I mean, how hard is it to press a few buttons, say a few tag lines, and keep up the rhythm of a podcast? Well, apparently it's easier said than done, because after a few awful rehearsals in the preshow, the heat is on and I start the show. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that 911 would be called before the end of the episode. Luckily for me, I've got Wilson Tang, Natali Del Conte, and a horde of dedicated live listeners to lend me their support. And guess what? It went fiiiiinnnneee...I think. There's always a first time for everything!

We kick off this Friday with a story that almost offends two-thirds of The 404. 100,000 condoms were given out to a local village that came with with AIDS warnings and instruction booklets. The "tools" are supposedly targeted for athletes, visitors, and Chinese citizens to use, but we all know it was just a way to reinforce "family planning," right? Come on, Olympic planning committee, we see right through your gag!

Anyway, we rant for a little bit on that and then expose a personal trainer in New York who's charging $110 for a workout session that uses the Wii! Uhh, Earth to trainer: That technology already exists, it's called the Wii Fit, and it doesn't require live instructions! At this point, Natali informs us that she used to be a yoga teacher and the rest of the show goes downhill from there. We collectively agree to do weekly yoga sessions together and make a date to watch The Sister of the Traveling Pants 2. If Jeff were here, he wouldn't be able to breathe with all the estrogen in the air! Maybe this is why we need the Bakula on the air, to keep our masculinity in tact? Sorry dude, it's all Disney and yoga in here!

We get into a few more stories after that, including one about ratting your neighbors out on the site RottenNeighbor.com. In other words, this is essentially a site that allows people to live out their passive aggressive fantasies online. The funniest part is that no change will ever come from these complaints. Instead, they'll be logged away on a Web site that a majority of the population will never see, and just think about it: what if you did happen to see yourself on this site and someone wrote a complaint about the noise coming from you apartment or whatever? Would you be courteous enough to lower the noise or would you just get pissed that your neighbor is so yellow-bellied that he can't just come over and tell you to quiet down? I'd go with the latter.

A few stories later, the panic dies down and the show comes to a close. Guess what!? Nothing went wrong! That's right, the show is over and nobody wound up in the hospital. We apologize to the firemen and wish them the best of luck and wrap it up...*phew!* That was a close one. Have a great weekend everyone!


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