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On today's show: Libe Goad from AOL's GameDaily.com--the life of a female gamer, sucky upcoming games, 'Wii Music,' 'Resistance,' 'Little Big Planet,' and hating on the 'Madden' series...ULTIMATE GAME DAY!

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On today's show: Libe Goad from AOL's GameDaily.com--the life of a female gamer, sucky upcoming games, Wii Music, Resistance, Little Big Planet, and hating on the Madden series...ULTIMATE GAME DAY!

Now you might think that today's show would be a big snore-fest for me, but the fact that Libe Goad from AOL's GameDaily.com is table-poundingly hilarious totally makes up for it, and I'm almost tempted to say that today was one our funniest shows! Libe tells us what it's like to work with a bunch of nerdy dudes all day long, and while it might sound miserable to us, apparently it's not so bad-- except for this whole "did you finish it?" mentality that the majority of gamers apparently have.

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So anyway, as Jeff and Libe geek out hardcore on the Sony event they both attended, chatting it up about the new Resistance and whatnot, I'm over at my mic just minding my own business, seeing what's new on the ol' eBay Marketplace, when all of a sudden they decide to put me on the spot and I'm forced to defend my role on the show as the resident game-hater. Come on! Let's put this to rest: I don't hate games, I simply don't participate. You can listen to that segment on the show for more justification, but all you gamers shouldn't worry; I don't stop them from talking about the latest games. We even talk about my favorite game, ball in a cup, Mexico's favorite toy for over 340 years! Or what about jacks?! And don't forget about Rock, paper, scissors!! See ,who said I don't play games?

By the time the show comes to a close, Libe has us all on the floor with a super harsh e-mail she received from a reader that didn't like a story on GameDaily, entitled Epic Fail: Games that will probably suck. The actual e-mail below is a piece of work, but you have to listen to the way Libe reads it--for such a cool girl, she does a surprisingly excellent impression of the prepubescent nerdy gamer with a wicked case of nasal drip. I have to warn you, though, don't listen to it in a place that doesn't allow loud noises!

Here's the e-mail:

"Dude, (I address you as that because you are a gamer) All of your 10 games that will probably suck is completely biased! I have seen no X360 game (exclusive) that will suck. Damnation and Little Big Planet? A powerpoint? Come on, jackass! You all are so stupid, you're reasoning makes NO SENSE!!!!!! Just so you know, I own all three major consoles and you probably have played none of the games. That is the stupidest post you all have ever made. First of all you use the word "probably" W-T-F. That is the stupidest post I have ever read, probably? Really now? Make a valid post when all these games do come out, man. Either way, I'll play all of them, GameDaily sucks, you all mean nothing to me or anyone. You are probably the crappiest site out there, I dunno why I even made this e-mail."

Best of all, apparently the guy felt so bad for throwing such an e-tantrum that he sent her an apology e-mail...and Libe reads it in its original context. You ready for this?

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