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The 404 1,111: Where we don't make a deal (podcast)

Our flexitarian producer Ariel Nunez is back on the mixing board and starts today's show with a gastrointestinal story about his first meat-eating experience in over six years. We'll also talk about Tuesday's Groupon earnings report, why the bad news signals the death of daily deals, and an alternative that uses video surveillance and your Facebook profile to send you custom coupons.

Bridget + Richard = Ridget The 404 SubReddit

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- This is the burger that ended Ariel's six-year vegetarian streak

- Groupon turns a profit, but sales fall short

- Groupon salespeople disgruntled, ready to jump ship, report says

- Groupon shares down 22 percent, despite increased sales, profit

- Facedeals lets you check in for coupons with your face

- Chinese Iron Man spends eight years building himself bionic hands after DIY accident

Bathroom break video: The Red Bull F1 running showcar plays the Star-Spangled Banner.

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Episode 1111

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