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The $33,999 high-tech home kit

On eBay, of all places


Despite today's DIY culture, some people will never be handy around the house. But those domestically challenged individuals are in luck--as long as they have a spare $33,999 lying around.

A Denver company called Mile High Automation will install audio systems in up to 14 rooms (12 indoor, 2 outdoor), 55 automated lights and 6 thermostats on the grounds of your estate, as well as a "smart" media server that learns your musical preferences and handles all CDs, MP3s and satellite radio stations accordingly. A state-of-the-art security system includes 2 sirens and 6 night-vision video cameras that will shoot everything that moves.

But perhaps the most unusual aspect of this system is the location where it can be purchased: on eBay. Surprisingly, there were no bids on its auction as of this writing.