Thanko's motorized TV stand for the Wii

It can raise more than 4 feet for eye-level gaming.

Reuben Lee
Crave Asia

Thanko may be known to many as the company that comes with the weirdest contraptions from time to time, but its latest "Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand" may just be its most interesting product yet.

As the awkward name suggests, it's basically a TV stand with a built-in motor to raise and lower large displays. Apparently designed with Wii gamers in mind, the electric TV stand can be conveniently raised by more than 4 feet using a remote control, making it possible to play games more comfortably at eye level. It is rated to lift screens between 40 and 60 inches and weighing less than 110 pounds. Most TV stands on the market today are designed for viewing when seated on a couch and are often too low for proper gaming that requires a standing position.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come cheap. Now available in Japan, it retails for 69,800 yen, or $685.

(Source: Crave Asia)