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Texas man and his dogs go after Ellen's selfie retweet record

Terry Shipman enlisted his two little dogs for a selfie that has become a viral retweet hit aiming for a hard-to-crack record.

Terry Shipman selfie
Terry Shipman's dogs are viral Twitter stars.
Terry Shipman

Ellen DeGeneres had the power of the Oscars and a score of celebrities rocketing her now-famous Academy Awards selfie into the record books with more than 3 million retweets. Texas engineer Terry Shipman is hoping the power of his two scruffy little dogs can help him catch up.

In what appears to have been a throwaway joke, Shipman shared a selfie of himself on the couch with his two pups out to his handful of followers along with the message, "Let's see if we can beat the Oscar re-tweets!" Somehow, the word got out and, almost a day later, Shipman's followers had ballooned to more than 2,800 and the tweet got retweeted over 75,000 times.

Those 75,000 retweets are a drop in a very big bucket compared with DeGeneres' millions, but it's still an impressive amount, and the retweeting isn't over yet.

Shipman's secret weapons in the retweet war are definitely the dogs seen chilling out around his head. The poodle is Oreo, and the Yorkie is Max. Everyone knows the Internet loves cute furry things, though Bradley Cooper's beard in the Oscars selfie is certainly a strong contender.

Ellen Oscars selfie
This is the selfie Shipman is chasing. Bradley Cooper

(Via Yahoo)