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Texas Hold'em iPhone game hides an Easter egg

Texas Hold'em card game from Apple hides a hidden Easter egg feature that will make you smile.

I recently learned about an Easter egg in Apple's Texas Hold'em card game, which sells for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

If you're playing the game in landscape mode, you'll be able to see both your hand and the hands of the other players. Looks normal right? Indeed, the game will continue to look normal until you make a random touch motion on the screen.

Simply make a circle with one finger in the middle of the screen and the game's hidden Easter egg--a heart-shaped cartoon face with his hands in the air--will make its appearance. In case you missed him, we've captured the little surprise. Find our screen capture after the break.

We haven't discovered any other Easter eggs in this game or other iPhone apps, but if you or someone else you know has, please post information about them in the comments.