Tetris Effect drops psychedelic PS4 trailer from space

Sony PlayStation VR will also welcome an immersive new version of the block-dropping game.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Trippy, man. Did you see those jellyfish? And that rotating flower?

Tetris is looking a bit different these days. The blocks are falling from space in a trailer for Tetris Effect, an upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 game that also promises what could be a mind-opening VR mode. 

The Tetris Effect comes from Enhance Games, the studio behind Rez and the VR-enabled Rez Infinite. It's named after a real phenomenon where Tetris players can see see images of blocks falling even after they've stepped away from the game.

Enhance promises an immersive experience where "Music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects -- everything, down to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulse, dance, shimmer, and explode in perfect sync with how you're playing."

The game is stocked with over 30 stages and covers environments ranging from underwater to outer space. Those hallucinatory space environments are the main focus of the trailer.

Sony released the trailer on Wednesday as part of its countdown to gaming convention E3 later this month. The gaming company says the trailer is made entirely with in-game assets, so it should give a pretty good look at what to expect from the visuals. Tetris Effect is due out this fall.

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