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Taxi apps Uber and Hailo cause road rage in CNET UK Podcast 390

Angry cabbies have turned on taxi apps Hailo and Uber, but is it time technology steered cabs in a new direction?

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Where to, guv? Angry cab drivers have been spinning their wheels about "e-hailing" apps such as Hailo and Uber. Is it a case of technology threatening a backwards industry, or are taxi drivers being taken for a ride?

With more cabbie demonstrations planned in London, it looks like there's a long road ahead for this debate. Meanwhile we look forward to BT 4G and faster fixing of faults when your broadband goes bye-bye; we hit a bum note with the most popular songs ever on Spotify; and we lament new Facebook adverts that just start playing without so much as a by-your-leave.

Plus, auctions become awk-tions as eBay is massively hacked. Here's how to change your eBay password, by the way -- it ain't as easy as you'd think.

Taxi apps Uber and Hailo cause road rage in CNET UK Podcast 390

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 turned up this week, putting another nail in the coffin of Windows RT. And we select our leak of the week: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, HTC One M8 Prime or Galaxy S5 Prime?

After that, we hear from you in our feedback section, from graphene to virtual reality and why Microsoft can't sell ice cream in a desert. Tell us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below!

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