Super-creepy 3D-printed cape responds to onlookers (Tomorrow Daily 248)

Ashley celebrates the news of liquid water on Mars, ponders the creepiness of a "living" cape that responds to anyone who stares at it, checks out a new high heel design that aims to be better for wearers, and announces the show's new co-host!

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Ashley Esqueda
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Happy Monday, Tomorrow-nauts! (We just made that up. Is it lame? You tell us.)

We're kicking off this week's mini episodes by announcing our new co-host. He's worked with CNET before, and he's really excited to get started when we relaunch our full show soon -- but you'll have to watch or listen to the show to find out who it is. We don't have any concerns about this great guy coming on board; yes, that's a hint.

NASA announced today that liquid water exists on the surface of Mars. They've been thinking it was true for a while, but today was the day the idea was officially confirmed. No official announcement of microbial life, though, plus the water is more of a brine, so don't start planning your 2030 summer vacation in Parana Basin just yet.

We're all for fashion that combines couture with cutting-edge tech, but "Caress of the Gaze" might take it too far into the "creeping us out" zone. It's a 3D-printed capelet with a camera that detects when others stare at it. If you get caught catching a glimpse, it shifts its shape and "responds accordingly," as its creator explains it. No thanks, we'll get our nightmares from something else.

Lastly, a Japanese designer is making headlines for his new take on women's high heels: his double-curved planes absorb some of the shock of walking in heels, and a motion-capture analysis shows wearers experienced less stress on their body when walking in the new design. It's also worth mentioning the new heels look super cool, as opposed to less stylish (like some ergonomically-friendly products can be).

Watch this: Super-creepy 3D-printed cape responds to onlookers (Tomorrow Daily 248)


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