Studio Ghibli theme park revealed through new concept art

Five areas will be built, including the castle from Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke's village.

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Studio Ghibli theme park Princess Mononoke village

Princess Mononoke's village at Studio Ghibli theme park.

Studio Ghibli

The Studio Ghibli theme park will open in fall 2022, Japan's Aichi Prefecture has announced. New concept art of the park, reported earlier by Vice and shown off last week, shows how Aichi Expo Memorial Park will be transformed into five Studio Ghibli-themed lands.

Three areas will open in fall 2022: Youth Hill, Ghibli Large Warehouse Area and Dondoko Forest. They'll be followed by two other areas in 2023: Witch Valley and Mononoke's Village.

Youth Hill will feature an elevator building as its main gate and steampunk design elements to represent Howl's Moving Castle. The Largest Warehouse Area will be an indoor heated zone that can be used year-around, with an exhibition room, children's playground and Studio Ghibli exhibits.

A grass field will be used for the Witch Valley area, with the theme park to feature the castle from Howl's Moving Castle, as well as Kiki's home from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Dondoko Forest will be built to look like Satsuki and Mei's House from My Neighbor Totoro, while Mononoke's Village will be set up to look like the scenery from Princess Mononoke, with a prop to be constructed that represents the demons and Boar God.

The Studio Ghibli theme park was first rumored more than two years ago and has since been confirmed. 

Studio Ghibli Large Warehouse Area

The Ghibli Large Warehouse Area planned for Studio Ghibli theme park.

Studio Ghibli