Steampunk AT-AT is a labor of 'Star Wars' love

A newly engaged geek creates an insanely detailed steampunk AT-AT as a gift for his very own Princess Leia.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Steampunk AT-AT
This AT-AT looks like it has emerged from the ocean. Broken Journalist

When is an AT-AT not an AT-AT? When it's Captain Bayley's Infernal Mechano-Perambulator. The captain (also known as Mark), created a steampunk AT-AT out of a vintage toy. It's the details that amaze.

You could get lost in the depths of this steamy tribute to the famous "Star Wars" machine. There's a smoke stack blowing out fluffy clouds of fake smoke. The finish is done in a weathered-copper look. By golly, is that a lightsaber-esque unicorn horn on top of the nose? Mossy plant life hanging from the mouth makes this AT-AT look a lot friendlier than the killing machines from the movies.

There's a cage on top to hold little "Star Wars" action figures and portholes running all along the side because portholes are cool. It took countless coats of spray paint and tons of little rivets applied with tweezers to bring the AT-AT to life. This looks like what would have happened if George Lucas got ahold of "Wild Wild West" and decided to put Captain Nemo at the helm of an AT-AT.

There's an even sweeter side to this AT-AT story. All that work painting and modding the original toy was done so the new creation could be an engagement gift for Mark's fiance, Caroline. Awww. We've got "Star Wars," geek love, steampunk, and a maker mentality. I'm guessing that's going to be a long, happy marriage.

Steampunk AT-AT head
This AT-AT runs on steam power. Broken Journalist

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