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'Star Wars' without music is downright disturbing

Awkward stares, random coughs, nervous laughing and scary Wookiee roars dominate the Throne Room awards ceremony when the soaring music soundtrack by John Williams is removed from "Star Wars."

If legendary composer John Williams supplied us with a musical soundtrack for our daily lives, everything would sound epic. But what happens when memorable movie moments are shown without the pomp and circumstance of trumpets, bassoons and violins?

YouTubers Auralnauts released a video depicting exactly what they imagined the grand Royal Award Ceremony at the end of "Star Wars" would have sounded like without Williams' soaring soundtrack in "Star Wars Minus Williams."

As expected, there are a few nervous coughs, plus sounds of footsteps and the scariest Wookiee growls ever uttered from Chewbacca's furry mouth.

Without the music, this awards ceremony is downright awkward. After all, there's no talking. Goofy grins from both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker make this "Star Wars" moment make even Princess Leia look like she's trying hard to keep from rolling her eyes.

Han Solo's grin looks creepy without the music to distract us. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Thank goodness, R2-D2 is there to noisily shake back and forth to break the tension, causing nervous chuckles from Luke and Leia. I dare any fan not to burst out laughing when Chewbacca gives his final guttural roars permitting the quiet audience to clap. His last roar is pure comedy gold -- even if Chewie never got his own shiny medal.

If you want more, Auralnauts have also made funny "Star Wars" videos for Episode I, Episode II and Episode III, as well as a catchy techno remix called "Dance of the Fates."