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Gingerbread Star Trek Enterprise crashes into Christmas

This U.S.S. Enterprise gingerbread careens into the clouds, making sure to impress Trekkies and Santa alike.

Gingerbread U.S.S. Enterprise crash lands into Christmas.

All Trekkies (or Trekkers depending on your preference) know the Enterprise has made its fair share of emergency landings. So this gingerbread creation of the U.S.S. Enterprise crash landing into a cloud of cotton is the ultimate geeky tribute.

Redditor ejustice created it and posted it on the site.

The Gingerprise, as it's been nicknamed on Reddit, is decorated with peppermint swirl candy and gumdrops, and looks like a yummy dead ringer for the real deal. In fact, one talented Redditor, nicholmikey, edited the gingerbread creation into a scene from "Star Trek Generations."

This isn't the first time the famous Star Trek ship has been honored as a holiday treat. In 2014, Blackmarket Bakery pastry chef Rachel Klemek created an impressive gingerbread Enterprise using "royal icing to hold it all together, then just lots of different candy" that included Sour Strips, candy canes, Tic Tacs, licorice and sticks of gum.