Sprint Palm Treo Pro shows up at Best Buy

While there's been no official release from the carrier, a Sprint-branded Palm Treo Pro is now available for order on Best Buy's Web site.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
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Bonnie Cha

Last week, several blog sites, including Engadget Mobile, reported the appearance of the Palm Treo Pro on Sprint's Web site, but as soon as it appeared, it disappeared.

While this may be a case of someone getting a little too trigger-happy, the idea of a Sprint Treo Pro is certainly not a fluke, and in fact, the smartphone is now up on Best Buy's Web site.

The Windows Mobile smartphone is advertised for a whopping $699.99 (though we suspect and certainly hope the price will drop with a service agreement) and is currently listed as backordered. Up till now, the Treo Pro was only offered as an unlocked GSM phone. No word yet from Sprint on when the Treo Pro will make its official debut but we'll keep you posted.