You can still host a big game watch party safely this Sunday. Here's how

Super Bowl Sunday can still be fun, even if you're hanging out with your friends on Zoom or in a socially distanced fashion.

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It's almost game day -- are you planning a party?

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Watching the Super Bowl might look different this year thanks to the pandemic, with football fans opting for virtual celebrations instead of houses packed with guests chowing down on snacks. 

There's still time to plan a fun game day event -- even if it's virtual. The big game between Kansas City and Tampa Bay is Sunday, at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT) at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. A sparse 22,000 fans will be in the stands, including 7,500 vaccinated health care workers.

There will be plenty of ways to watch Super Bowl 55 for free, like on CBSSports.com and in the CBS Sports app. You can also watch on live-TV streaming services like YouTube TV

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We've got a few ways for you to safely see your fellow football fans -- face painting optional.

Host a watch party 

You can watch the game virtually with friends using the Chrome extension Teleparty -- you might also know it as Netflix Party, its former name. While you can't watch the game on Netflix, Hulu Plus with Live TV will air the game and Hulu supports Teleparty. Find out more about how to host a watch party with Teleparty here.


Hulu's watch party feature lets up to eight people virtually cowatch shows and movies. 


Food, food, food

I'm not a huge fan of sports, but I love the food that crowds a counter at a party for the big game. You can create a makeshift potluck if you're planning on hosting a watch party, dialing in with your group on Zoom. Everyone can order the same food with a delivery app or make smaller portions of everyone's favorites. (You can read how to most efficiently feast on game day here.)

Even if you're planning on watching the game solo, why not share the couch with great food? I'm already dreaming of Buffalo chicken dip.

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Game day food can be as extravagant or as chill as you like. 

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Zoom party 

We've all had time to get used to socializing on Zoom over the last year. If you're planning to gather the gang on a Zoom call there are a lot of options for a good time. On top of giving your Zoom background an NFL theme, here are five fun game ideas that would definitely help spice up a Zoom party. 

You can also do a quick Pinterest search to find dozens of games.

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A socially distanced in-person party

I suggest this only for folks who live in warmer areas -- given the wintery conditions in much of the US, gathering outside would be a bit uncomfortable. If you're hosting or attending an outdoor watch party the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have guidelines for staying safe, including wearing masks and standing at least six feet apart.

Here are more fun games for an outdoor gathering:

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