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Winter Olympics questions you can ask Amazon's Alexa

Once the Games begin on Friday, you should be able to receive schedule and medal information from the smart speaker.

Ski Jumping - Winter Olympics Day -1
"Alexa, why didn't ever make it as an Olympic athlete?"
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Want to win a gold medal in Winter Olympics knowledge? Your Amazon Echo can help.

The smart speaker has been updated with an Olympics skill set as the Games begin this week in PyeongChang, South Korea. (Although the opening ceremonies aren't until Friday, some of the sporting events began on Wednesday.)

Alexa can serve as your what-to-watch scheduler if you ask her "Alexa, what Olympic events are today?" That worked when I tried it, but you're also supposed to be able to ask her sport-specific questions such as "Alexa, when is alpine skiing?" or "Alexa, when is curling?" 

When I tried that on Thursday, Alexa told me there was no curling scheduled, and gave the dictionary definition of alpine skiing. In Alexa's defense, an Amazon spokesperson notes that schedules, results and medal counts won't work until the Olympics actually begin. So even though Alexa earlier noted that there is a curling match Thursday, maybe she can't sort the events by sport until the torch is lit.

Anyway, once the games get going, Alexa can provide medal counts for countries or athletes, updates on specific athletes and teams, and daily results rundowns. Here are some suggested phrasings:

"Alexa, did Lindsey Vonn win?"
"Alexa, who won the women's hockey game?"
"Alexa, who won gold today?"
"Alexa, what happened in the Olympics today?"
"Alexa, who's leading the gold medal count?"
"Alexa, how many medals does South Korea have?"
"Alexa, how many medals does Shaun White have?"

The Winter Olympics run through Feb. 25.