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Tiger Woods won the Masters, and it's time to party like it's 2005

Everybody celebrate by listening to some Destiny's Child and watching Sahara.

Tiger Woods won the Masters on Sunday for the first time since he did it in 2005, ending a long championship drought. It was his first major golf tournament win in over a decade, and it started social media buzzing about what the world was like the last time Woods wore the green jacket. 

Hint: You couldn't have tweeted about it on your iPhone, because neither Twitter nor the iPhone existed.

Some golf fans used it as an opportunity to reflect on their own life changes since '05.

"The last time Tiger won I had no kids," Nick Wegman wrote. "I just watched him win with my 7 yr old. Great sports moment to share with him."

Regardless of those 2005 memories, Woods' victory is one for the record books.

"If that wasn't the best day in golf history it was pretty damn close," wrote ESPN's Mike Greenberg.