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How To Watch The Rock's Electrifying Super Bowl Team Introduction

Finally, The Rock has come back.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
Mark Serrels is an award-winning Senior Editorial Director focused on all things culture. He covers TV, movies, anime, video games and whatever weird things are happening on the internet. He especially likes to write about the hardships of being a parent in the age of memes, Minecraft and Fortnite. Definitely don't follow him on Twitter.
Mark Serrels



Finally... The Rock has come back... to the Super Bowl.

Today we saw something a little different before the big game. We got the national anthem, sure, but then we got The Rock, AKA Dwayne Johnson, to introduce the teams. 

It was... electrifying.

The millions and millions of The Rock's fans watching at home got to see The Great One deliver an old school WWE-style promo. If you missed it, thankfully it's not too hard to find. You can watch it right here.

Now I guess it's time for the players to lay the smacketh down upon one another's candy asses. Sorry, I'm running out of Rock catchphrases here. 

If you smellllllllallalalalalalaaaaaaaa... what The Rock is cooking, etc. 
Okay, I'm done. Enjoy the game folks.