Baseball NFTs are coming from Topps

These trading cards don't come with any bubble gum.

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Topps baseball cards

Baseball cards are going digital.


Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, for the NBA are already a big hit thanks to NBA Top Shot, which sells player highlight tokens that have resold for more than $200,000. Trading card company Topps will take a similar approach to America's pastime, baseball.

Topps will debut its MLB Series 1 NFT Collection on April 30. The tokens will be sold in a pack: $5 for six cards or $100 for 45 cards. Each pack has a chance to include common, uncommon, rare, super rare or epic NFTs of MLB players in new card designs or classic designs from 1952 and 1986.

Each token will use the WAX blockchain to keep a record of the ownership of each card, which can also be sold or traded on a global marketplace. Those who want to start collecting will need to open a free WAX Cloud Wallet.

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For those unfamiliar, NFTs are unique digital tokens tied with certain digital assets such as a highlight video, a tweet or a picture. What takes a bit of open-mindedness is understanding that the token acts as a certificate of authenticity for the digital asset, but it doesn't mean that picture or video is yours as you won't own the intellectual rights. However, NFTs can be worth big bucks, such as the first-ever tweet going for $2.9 million, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski trading cards going for $1.8 million and even one guy making $85 selling his farts.