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NBA's Andre Iguodala on Zoom and planning for life after anything

The NBA All-Star's tips for navigating uncertainty include, but aren't limited to, online workouts, yoga, reading, and planning your day.

Lindsey Turrentine EVP, Content and Audience
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Lindsey Turrentine
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Watch this: Andre Iguodala's brilliant tips for navigating uncertainty

Andre Iguodala knows how to think about uncertain futures. He's been doing it in the NBA for 16 years, all while earning championship wins (three with the Golden State Warriors), writing a bestselling book (The Sixth Man), and mentoring young athletes about planning their own futures.


"Planning with your brain, not just with your body," is what Iguodala strives for day in and day out, and that ability to seek information and plan is what we talked about in an interview on Wednesday morning. In a world where -- metaphorically, in any case -- we all could sustain a potential injury or be drafted to a new team, we need to learn how to think like an athlete and "adjust to the situation you're in."

He also spends a lot of time thinking about technology for his investment portfolio and his role as a venture partner on the Comcast Catalyst Fund, and he has interesting things to say about how to pick winners. (Iguodala was an investor in Zoom long before it became a key communication tool amid the pandemic.)

"You're investing in the entrepreneur," not just the product, says Iguodala. In other words, look for the leaders who can articulate their vision -- advice that applies well beyond the investment world. 


Iguodala has a lot more to say about wellness, working out at home, and what the NBA's priorities should be as the courts reopen. Listen to the interview for the full story.

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