After crazy NCAA win, Nevada's brilliant tweet baffles Twitter

Commentary: You want to see March Madness, click on the "translate tweet" button of this wonderful University of Nevada tweet.

Chris Matyszczyk
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NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 11 Mountain West Championship - Nevada v San Diego State

Nevada really knows how to tweet.

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I had to look twice.

I'd just finished watching the seventh-seeded University of Nevada come back from being down 22 points with less than 11 minutes left in its March Madness game to beat second-seed Cincinnati, when a tweet appeared on my TweetDeck.

It was from the university basketball team's Twitter account, and it read: "kljasdj;das;ew8fwer89ywef;hwero32p8efh;uasjkasd;asdhuasdiuasdjkhsd;ewioawethasdi;hasdfiohafioewrho;asdgasdgiohawoihawetb;agio;asdioawty8tiouhasgu;aefiohwe8yeroasdgj;basdghr3289y[ew;has;ads890y[fewaiohewohasuhasduhiodfsajkhasdfuior8yasjhafds;huasdu;hadsfioewhuewhuoafds8afs;hdhakdj."

"What is this," was the first response, from a Twitterer called Sports Sidelined.

To those more artistically inclined, it was clearly an expression of stunned shock at seeing what the university's team had just achieved. 

The last two minutes were pulsating.

So pulsating that, for a moment, I forgot that Nevada's coach, Eric Musselman, used to coach the Golden State Warriors in very painful times. (Disclosure: Warriors fan.)

Yet as the Twitter comments were filled with the messages from the baffled and those trying to help them, my TweetDeck offered an additional layer of joy.

The software had decided this tweet was in a foreign language. German. 

So it offered me a translation. 

Enlarge Image

A perfect translation.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

And to think this was provided by the German experts at Microsoft .

They must have worked overtime on that one.

Other Twitterers got translations in different languages.

At the time of writing, the retweets and likes poured down upon this exquisite Nevada tweet.

Sometimes, Twitter and March Madness work so very well together.

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