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SpaceX launches new era in space travel

Facebook marks its first day on the Nasdaq, SpaceX gets ready for a historic launch of the Falcon 9, and Nike's new sneakers are worthy of a moonwalk.

We have lift-off! It's a new era for social media, space exploration and... shoes?

Update: The SpaceX rocket launch was aborted at the last minute and rescheduled for Tuesday, May 22 at 3:44 a.m. Eastern.

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Facebook ended its first publicly traded day right where it began: at $38 a share. CEO Mark Zuckerberg rang in the Nasdaq opening bell virtually from the Silicon Valley campus, and later, shares began trading at around $42 each. Facebook's bankers saved the IPO, keeping shares barely above $38. From this IPO, Facebook raised $16 billion. That's almost 10 times what Google raised when it went public in 2004.

But right after trading began, Facebook was hit with a class-action lawsuit asking for $15 billion.

Samsung's Galaxy S III has more than 9 million pre-orders, according to a Korean newspaper. The Galaxy S III debuts at the end of this month in Germany, and eventually will go on sale in the U.S. sometime this summer.

Comcast is ditching its data cap max of 250 gigabytes a month and testing a new pricing structure. Once users go past 300 gigs of data, it will charge customers $10 for every extra 50GBs used in that month.

Early Saturday, the world will enter a new era in space exploration. SpaceX will make history as the first commercial company to send spacecraft to the International Space Station. With help from NASA at Cape Canaveral, it will launch the Falcon 9 rocket and carry supplies to the space station.

You better be up in the wee hours to catch it live. The launch is set for 1:55 PT and will be streamed at SpaceX.com.

And there's no better way to ring in the moment than by dressing like an astronaut. Nike has a new sportswear line called Tom Sachs: NikeCraft. Items are made from usual materials that would come in handy if one were to, say, make a DIY trip to space. Take for example the Mars Yard Shoe, priced at $385. It's a sneaker made from the same material that was used in the airbags of the Mars Rover. The material is also in the Lightweight Tote and the Airbag Bag. It's all inspired by Tom Sachs and his installation in New York called Space Program: Mars.

The NikeCraft line is available for sale at:

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