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Sony's 'water pit' for laptop spills

Ultralight Vaio G series comes with special waterproofing feature.


Say what you will about Sony computers, but they've always been at least a finalist in laptop version of The Biggest Loser--the most recent lightweight contender being the first to break the 2-pound barrier with its Vaio G series. Yet the latest upgrade to that line apparently has a feature that has little to do with weight but is extremely close to home for some of the less coordinated road warriors among us.

According to Engadget, the G series now has a waterproofing function that discharges your spilled Red Bull or chai latte through a "water pit" in the rear of the machine, as well as shut down the laptop altogether if necessary. We're not exactly sure how well this will protect its sensitive innards from getting fried once they're soaked, but anything that can help save a drenched laptop is welcome news to us even though this line remains available only in Japan at present.

Other specs include new options for processors and larger SSD drives. Galoshes not included.