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Sony Vaio TZ photos leaked has posted photos of the upcoming Sony Vaio TZ11.

Sony Vaio TZ?

When we told you about several leaked Sony laptops a few weeks ago, there weren't any photos of the ultraportable Vaio TZ11 to share. But Andrew at managed to uncover some images and more detailed specs on a French retailer's Web site.

"Anyone think that keyboard redesign looks a lot like the MacBook keyboard?" Andrew asks, and our answer is a hearty yes. We just hope it's comfortable for typing--which is tough to do when the case is only 10.9 inches wide.

Like its TX series predecessor, the 2.6-pound TZ11 is expected to include an LED-backlit display, which not only keeps the case slim but should also extend battery life. Also note that (at least on this European version) Sony has dropped the annoying WWAN antenna that hung off the side of the Vaio TXN17.

You'll find more photos and full specs at