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Sony unveils palm-sized camcorder

The consumer-electronics giant introduces what it claims is the world's smallest network digital camcorder, which is about as long as a handheld computer.

SINGAPORE--Sony has unveiled what it claims is the world's smallest network digital camcorder, measuring the length of a handheld computer and weighing less than 11 ounces.

Called the DCR-IP7E Network Handycam IP (Image Portal), the camcorder will be available in stores across Asia by November for $1,720 (2,999 Singapore dollars).

The unit allows video buffs to surf the Web and send e-mails with video attachments when used with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or Sony's Bluetooth 56kbps modem adapter.

The camcorder can hold up to 50 e-mail messages and addresses. The device accepts JPEG, TIFF and MPEG attachments, which are automatically stored on the Sony Memory Stick when received as e-mail.

"This next generation of Network Handycams will give our customers the power to be mobile and the power to connect wirelessly to the Internet anywhere without a PC," said Andrew Chew, manager of visual network marketing at Sony Singapore.

The camcorder also doubles as a camera to record digital stills.

The Handycam comes with a 2.5-inch liquid-crystal display viewfinder. It has a USB connection for video downloads to PCs, as well as FireWire cables for two-way communications between the camcorder and a TV or PC.

Staff writer Reuben Lee reported from Singapore.