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Sony toying with virtual-reality gaming headgear?

SCEE group studio manager says publisher is doing research on bringing VR games to recently announced 3D headset.

Sony was all about 3D at CES 2011. James Martin/CNET

Sony built its Consumer Electronics Show 2011 press conference around a massive push into the 3D space, going so far as to ask attendees to wear the medium's polarized glasses throughout its presentation. In addition to games, movies, and TVs that boast 3D compatibility, the studio trotted out a headset that resembled Cyclops' headgear and called up nascent virtual-reality technology.

That 3D head-mounted display may be used for more than just viewing passive entertainment. Speaking with Develop, Sony Europe group studio manager Mick Hocking said the company is currently researching ways to integrate the 3D headset into virtual-reality-type games.

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