Sony Ericsson's MS500 wireless speakers: the new boombox?

Sony Ericsson releases its first Bluetooth portable outdoor speaker system, the Outdoor Wireless Speaker MS500.

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Sony Ericsson Outdoor Wireless Speaker MS500
Sony Ericsson's MS500 is the company's first outdoor Bluetooth speaker system. Sony Ericsson

They're a far cry from the classic boombox and they don't carry that bit of nostalgia of the good 'ol days (shoot, am I dating myself here?), but Sony Ericsson's new Bluetooth speakers will certainly turn heads and achieve the same goal of broadcasting your music wherever you go.

The Sony Ericsson Outdoor Wireless Speaker MS500 is the company's first outdoor Bluetooth speaker system and is powered by two AA batteries so you can bring it with you anywhere and stream music for up to five hours.

Using Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream music from "most" of Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth-enabled phones as well as other manufacturers. (You can find a list of compatible phones from Sony Ericsson's Web site.) In addition, you can use your handset as a remote control to change tracks and adjust volume.

The egg-shaped MS500 weighs a lightweight 5.4 ounces (with batteries) and features a splash-proof shell and a strap for attaching to your bag or wrist. The speaker will be offered in two color combo options: orange/black or white/pink. Sony Ericsson said the Outdoor Wireless Speaker MS500 will ship in the next three months, though pricing was not yet revealed.