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Snoop Lion sells $100 digital pot stickers; people buy

The much coveted Snoopify app offers a sweet animated sticker of a joint called the Golden Jay. At just $99.99, people are finding it a bargain.

Snoop Lion, entrepreneur extraordinaire.
Noisey/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In my regular chronicling of the Apocalypse's approach, there are occasional bright spots of hope.

This is clearly one.

For it has reached an area between my temples that Snoop Lion (the artist formerly known as a Dogg) is selling $100 digital stickers.

Alright, they're $99.99, but I am in no state to quibble when I'm still confused about how a man who was a dog can now be a cat.

These stickers are especially artistic. They feature a marijuana joint that emits colored smoke, a few sparkles and can hypnotize you into believing that you are, indeed, a famous rock star.

I may be a touch mistaken about that last part, but I'm rushing toward the important section: people are buying these things.

As The Wall Street Journal emits it, 15 people have already plunked down their bucks in order to place this sticker upon their digital person.

Snoop Lion's brand manager, Nick Adler, after admitting his shock, offered a mellow explanation to the Journal: "Hey, this is a new world."

It is, indeed. The sticker, should you already be clamoring to have it at your bosom, is available from the Snoopify app, which, as I understand it, doesn't feature a dog who has a friend called Lionus.

It is entitled the Golden Jay, the latter being an inside word for a joint and the former being an outside word for money, money, money.

The commercial activity around the Golden Jay is such that it indicates our economy is an ever-growing beast, capable of finding new revenues beyond the imaginations of the curmudgeonly Krugmans.

I cannot confirm at this stage that Jay Z, who has lost his hyphen but not his entrepreneurial zeal, is preparing to launch a pot sticker called the Golden Jay Z.

The golden sticker. Snoopify