Sneaky Leatherman multitool disguises itself as a bracelet

A new concept in multitools hides 25 different functions in one, low-key bracelet.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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The Tread multitool hides in plain sight. Picasa

There's a certain sense of readiness and satisfaction that comes from carrying a multitool. It doesn't matter if the world throws an Amazon box, a beer bottle or a loose screw at you. You're ready. You can take it on with the help of your trusty gadget. But multitools aren't welcomed everywhere and you don't always want one bulging in your pocket or clinging to your belt like a rectangular wart.

For situations where subtlety is called for, Leatherman's upcoming Tread multitool should fit the bill. The stainless-steel Tread looks like an artsy industrial-tinged bracelet. On closer inspection, you'll notice hex holes, screwdriver tips, a cutting hook, a carbide glass breaker and the all-important bottle opener. All of this functionality is tucked away in a handsome piece of jewelry.

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The idea for the Tread stemmed from an incident Leatherman President Ben Rivera experienced at Disneyland. Security wouldn't allow him inside with his Skeletool multitool, so he had to trek it back to his hotel room or risk losing it forever. "I knew there had to be another way to carry my tools with me that would be accepted by security," says Rivera.

The Tread is made with slotted fasteners and can be customized by swapping out or removing links. You will have to take it off to use it, but you won't have to disassemble it. You just choose your tool and use the rest of the bracelet like a handle.

The Tread is due later in 2015, in both a basic bracelet version and one that comes with an integrated watch. The expected retail price is around $150 (about £100, AU$189) to $200 (about £133, AU$253). That's pricey for a multitool, but this is a pretty unusual multitool.