'Smoked by Windows Phone'? All smoke and mirrors, some beef

A man says he beat Microsoft's Windows Phone speed challenge, but didn't receive a "Hunger Games" Special Edition PC prize "just because." He is not alone.

Chris Matyszczyk
4 min read
Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Of course Windows Phones are faster than other smartphones. It's just that in this case, the definition of the word "faster" may be in the mind of the listener.

This seems to be the verdict after what sounds like a pulsating weekend in Microsoft's retail stores, as the company's hard-working employees battled against normal human beings for smartphone supremacy.

Should this all sound a touch gibberesque to you, please bear with me. I'm talking about the "Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge," now at a Microsoft theater near you.

The idea is that you test your own beloved handset against a Windows Phone to see which is quicker. If you win, you get a "Hunger Games" Special Edition PC, valued at $1000. If you lose, you can swap your phone for a contract-free Windows Phone. But please remember -- and this is important -- Microsoft sets the rules.

This seems to have upset a few people.

Take Sahas Katta, who posted his tale of defeat in the face of victory to Skatter Tech. He says that he won, he won. But that Microsoft employees told him he lost, he lost.