Smart LED desk lamp is sensitive to your moods

The humble desk lamp gets an upgrade with LEDs, smartphone charging, and mood modes to encourage reading, studying, relaxation, and napping.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Satechi desk lamp
It's more than just a lamp. Satechi

The day of the single-purpose gadget is rapidly fading. You can't just have a phone that you use to talk to other people. It has to do 50 other things. You can't just have a desk lamp that lights up your desk. You have to have one that charges your phone and gives you mood lighting, too.

The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp tries to fit as much functionality in as it can. It charges smartphones and has a built-in timer to power it off. It's also very touchy-feely. It's controlled through a touch panel and has different lighting modes to fit your mood.

The lamp can be dimmed in increments, or you can choose one of four presets. Reading mode features a midrange color temperature to be easy on your eyes. Study mode has high-range color temperature, supposedly to increase concentration. Relaxation mode brings low-range color temperature to encourage you to kick back. Bedtime mode has a soft light for people who like to sleep at their desks.

Phone charging functions aren't new to desk lamps. Konica Minolta came out with wireless charging lamp late last year. The Satechi lamp doesn't do wireless, but at $100, it's $200 cheaper than the Konica Minolta. If you're the kind of person who's not satisfied with single-function devices, then the Satechi lamp could be worth a look.

Satechi desk lamp charging port
Charge your phone while relaxing with your mood lighting. Satechi