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SlingPlayer coming to PalmOS

Sling Media is making its SlingPlayer software compatible with Palm OS, HP notebooks and Windows Vista.

SlingPlayer for Palm OS
Sling Media

Sling Media is makin' the rounds: first Windows Mobile, then Symbian. Now Palm OS users can sling--or placeshift--their own channels to their smart phone.

This is good news for Slingbox owners who also have a Treo 700p, which utilizes Verizon's EV-DO network. Treo 680 users will be able to sling their TV as well, but Sling cautions that the EDGE network it runs on is not an ideal connection.

But that's not all: SlingPlayer will also be pre-loaded onto all HP laptops in 2007 as part of the QuickPlay feature, which plays music, movies, and now TV, without having to fully boot-up the laptop, according to Sling.

And Sling will make its software Vista-compatible beginning when the new OS debuts at the end of January. The optimized SlingPlayer software will allow customers with more than one Slingbox to play multiple video streams on the same desktop.

OK, that sounded like a lot of info about Sling Media ... but there's still more. Stay tuned.