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Skyrim theme played on wine glasses could tame a dragon

Watch this video game fan expertly play the theme song for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on wine glasses and a water jug.

All heroic quests begin with empty wine glasses, right? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Keep evil forever at bay, or at least dangerous dragons, with this wine glass musical tribute to the theme song of video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In the video game, the main story centers on the quest to defeat the ominous dragon Alduin who isn't a creature to take on lightly. Those who are Dragonborn or Dovahkiin -- a mortal with the soul of a dragon -- are blessed by the gods to help fight Alduin.

"Dragonborn," the theme song for Skyrim, was originally composed by Jeremy Soule and recorded with a choir of over 30 people, singing in the game world's Draconic language.

In this unusual music video tribute, YouTube user Dan Newbie plays the Skyrim theme "Dragonborn" on wine glasses, a rolling pin and a water jug, interspersed with video from the game.

This isn't the first time Newbie has played tributes to video game theme songs. He has paid homage to themes from Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda using nothing more than pots, pans, jugs, beer bottles and wine glasses. He's also displayed his wine glass talents playing the .

Newbie enjoys taking song requests from fans that leave him comments on his videos. In fact, this Skyrim tribute was created due to requests from his fans, so be sure to suggest a few more.