Skydiver loses shoe, catches shoe, puts on shoe in mid-flight

A wayward shoe performs some free-falling acrobatics as the skydiver who lost the footwear chases it down mid-air.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

It was a mile-high wardrobe malfunction.

A high-flying thrill seeker chased down a runaway shoe while free-falling to earth in a video posted Monday by YouTube user Skydiver Garage. The high-speed chase, which was captured in a first-person video, overshadows the lush green vista and little fluffy clouds that make up the backdrop.

The video, pointed out by Boing Boing, comes from skydiver Shelby Palmer with Skydive Temple, which, as you may have sussed out, is a skydiving outfit. In it, a second skydiver accidentally pulls Palmer's shoe off at the beginning of the jump.

Palmer spots the shoe in free fall, chases it down and snatches it out of the air. He even has time to put it back on before landing safely.

"Lost a shoe," Palmer declares. "Landed with shoe!"

He then shows of an angry red blotch on his chest, where he trapped the show mid-flight.

An alternate take of the video from ViralHog offers more details.

"The Jumpers initiated the skydiving stunt from 10,000 ft [3,050 meters] over Skydive Temple in Texas," Approximately 3000 ft [915 meters] of altitude was lost chasing the shoe."

At least Palmer's foot was spared a hard landing.