Skrillex melds 'Star Wars,' post-apocalyptic Earth

It's a "Star Wars" trifecta with a new lightsaber-filled video from Skrillex, a rumor about where "Star Wars VII" will start filming, and an awesome featurette about the coolest weapon ever.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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The Force is strong with this one. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET
It seems that even Skrillex, the side-mullet-sporting electronic musician largely credited for popularizing the style of music known as Dubstep, has been infected with "Star Wars VII" fever.

In his latest video for "Ragga Bomb," after scrounging materials from trash heaps in a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape, the leaders of two rival factions face off George-Lucas-style, with a good old-fashioned lightsaber battle.

The track is a collaboration with the Ragga Twins, a British jungle music duo, and is from Skrillex's first full-length album ever, "Recess," which was released last month.

The vid is filmed in Johannesburg and Alexandra, South Africa, lending it a desert wasteland feel, which makes it dovetail nicely with another rumor that just came out about "Star Wars VII": that filming for the J.J. Abrams-directed reboot will begin in Morocco on May 14. It's a move that likely signals a return to Tatooine, the barren home of the Skywalkers.

If that's the case, Luke had better work on his dance moves, because the Skrillex crew really knows how to shake it -- although I have no doubt he could take out both gangs with his rad lightsaber moves.

If you're not so much into EDM (that's electronic dance music for those from the Outer Rim Territories), skip ahead to 3:20 in the video to watch the saber slashing begin!

And if you just can't get enough lightsaber lore, check out this "Star Wars" featurette that delivers all you've ever wanted to know about "an elegant weapon from a more civilized day" from George Lucas and Mark Hamill themselves.