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Skateboarder collects coins, outruns turtle shells in Mario Kart spoof

Watch this skater dressed as Luigi do an impressive run during which he outpaces turtle shells, collects coins and uses turbo boots to try to beat Mario's record.

Luigi frantically trying to out-skate a huge green turtle. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Oh, yeah, can't stop Luigi!

In this video posted Monday from action and visual effects group CorridorDigital, a guy dressed as Luigi hops on a skateboard and gets ready to do a speed run through a track inspired by Mario Kart in the hopes of besting brother Mario's time. Watch as he dodges turtle shells, Bullet Bills, Thwomps and other obstacles using boosts and power-ups as he makes his way through the course.

With a dashing amount of skill and maneuvering, Luigi manages to best his brother, barely shaving four-tenths of a second off Mario's time. But, Mario has a few tricks up his sleeves, and you can see what the mustachioed plumber has in store for Luigi by watching the video below.

Because he's a-Mario, he's a-gonna win.