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Silly goggles could save napping commuters

Device flashes a digital sign that tells everyone where you're headed for. That way, should you nod off, a fellow passenger might alert you before your stop.

Chindogu, or the Japanese art of un-useful objects, strikes again. Pyocotan's Noriko-san Googles are so silly, they're, well, silly.

Noriko-san Googles

Apparently costing $200 to develop, which could be seen as a waste of good money in the current financial climate, this device flashes a digital sign that tells everyone where you're headed. That way, should you nod off, some kind fellow passenger might be prevailed upon to alert you before your stop.

It's a good thing these cover most of your face, since that means you can still face the world should some camera-phone idiot videotape you for YouTube fame. Speaking of which, check out the clip below as it shows just how much milk of human kindness you can expect to find on packed, overcrowded subways.

Editor's note: CNET News reporter Stephen Shankland says he would never spend money on these, but recalls a time when he could have used them: "(They're) silly, sure, but once I woke up on BART in Lafayette at nearly midnight when I was trying to go to El Cerrito. It was after a dot-com CNET drinking binge."

(Via Crave Asia)