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Silent taxi service forbidding small talk trialled in Japan

For those who just want to be driven in silence.

Miyako Taxi

Pros of Uber and Lyft: You press a button on your phone and a car comes to pick you up. Cons: There's a person in that car, who you'll sometimes have to speak to.

Miyako Taxi, a company based in Kyoto, Japan, is ridding customers of this burden, introducing a new service that forbids drivers from initiating small talk, reports Rocket News.

"This service is currently in a trial stage, with the goal of creating an in-car atmosphere that provides the most comfortable ride for passengers through limiting the driver's speaking," said the company in a statement.

The internet has provided many handy guides and tips for navigating communication with humans in taxis, but this service goes another route and eliminates its possibility altogether.

Uber and Lyft were contacted to see if they would consider bringing a similar feature to their services but did not respond. Hopefully they're setting a precedent for their drivers.