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Shark-repellant rash guard makes you look unappetizing

A new rash guard shirt takes an unusual approach to warding off sharks by making the wearer look like a venomous sea creature.

Shark-repellant rash guard
Supposedly, this doesn't look tasty to sharks.

The United States had 53 shark attacks in 2012, according to a University of Florida report. Many people find sharks both fearful and fascinating, but their presence in the water doesn't deter surfers and swimmers from jumping into the ocean waves.

Sometimes, people look like prey to sharks. One company is taking an unusual approach to preventing shark attacks with the creation of a shark-repellant rash guard. The form-fitting top does a lot of the usual rash guard things, like offer UV protection and wick moisture. What's different is the design on it.

Some shark attack theories are based on humans in wetsuits looking a lot like seals to sharks. Delicious, thinks the shark. Oh no, says the human. The $29 rash guard from uses a pattern seen on Lion Fish, sea creatures that sharks try to avoid due to their venomous nature.

It's not unusual in nature for critters to practice mimicry to ward off dangerous foes. Humans just haven't been quite as quick to pick up on it.

Naturally, can't promise a shark will see you and avoid you because you happen to share a resemblance with a Lion Fish. "While we can't guarantee that wearing our Rash Guard will make your totally invisible to sharks, there is a good probability that your already slim chance of being bitten by this predator might become even slimmer," the company says.

The upshot of this article of technical clothing is that it probably won't make you look more like lunch, and it might make you look a lot less yummy. What might make even more sense would be a full-body suit and boards with the same pattern. Otherwise, your legs dangling off a surfboard might still look like a snack.

Shark-repellant rash guard front
Those are Lion Fish eyes on the front.