Share music on the go with iLuv's minispeaker

iLuv releases untra compact portable speaker for MP3 players that comes in different colors and costs $35.


Enjoying music by yourself is good, but it's always better to share. You'll find it easy to share, even when on the go, with the new minispeaker from iLuv.

Small enough to fit in your palm, the iSP100 Mini Portable Stereo Speaker works with any MP3 player including iPhones and iPods.

This is a very simple device that has built-in speakers and a 3.5mm jack. It doesn't seem to have a volume control, so you'll have to rely on your device for that. The unit runs on three AAA batteries. All you need to do to use it is turn it on and connect the player.

The speaker also comes in different colors to fit your style, including including pink, purple, silver, and black. It also comes with a carrying pouch.

It costs $35 (not including batteries). This is a high price for something you can may only use occasionally. However, if you are looking for an ultrasmall speaker in pink, this seems one of a few available choices.