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Sex with Glass app lets you see from your partner's POV

The Sex with Google Glass project is positioning itself as a sex-enhancement app that lets partners swap viewpoints. But can it launch without the burden of massive scrutiny?

Sergey Brin wears Glass
Google's Sergey Brin sports his Google Glass.
James Martin/CNET

Sex with Google Glass -- the very name is designed to arouse attention.

It's specifically an app project in development that lets two people share their video feeds so they can see their intimate acts from each other's perspective.

The app is designed to react to the wearer saying, "OK, Glass, it's time" to share video streams. When you're done, you say, "OK, Glass, pull out." It's the techie equivalent of having mirrors all over the room. The app is designed to gather footage and then compile it into a multi-view video, which could have broad implications for leaked celebrity sex tapes.

While the initial idea for the app centered around Glass, widespread Glass availability isn't a reality yet. Thus, the team behind the app is aiming for an initial release of a version of the app called Glance to iOS for the iPhone and iPad. The developers aren't ready yet to share how it will work, whether it would function with an iPhone's built-in camera or work best with an external video system. They may have to address the unsexiness of holding up an iPad while trying to get intimate: "Hold on, hon, I've got to open this app. Oh, look, I got a new e-mail."

The iOS-first approach may seem a little odd for an app originally designed for Glass, but it's about capitalizing on the burgeoning buzz. "It's an experiment. We are learning on the fly. And we want to put this in your hands today. That's why we started with iPhone," the team writes. They feel there's a good chance of getting the app into the iOS store quickly, while launching it as an official Glass app could be a more lengthy process.

Google has already said in no uncertain terms that it will block porn apps from Glass, but developer Sherif Maktabi is adamant that the app is not about porn. "If you read between the lines, we are not a sex app. We are something that changes the way you experience something personal," he tells CNET. "Our app is designed to be beautiful, minimalist, and simple. There is nothing sexual about that."

This leads into how the app could launch in the iOS, Android, and Glass universes without a massive burden of scrutiny. It doesn't have to be sold as a sex app. It can be marketed as simply a way to share viewpoints. Indeed, naming the app Glance explicitly leaves out any reference to sex -- the word that got the concept noticed in the first place.

The developers are talking about working in light- and music-control features (to set the mood). The app could also offer suggestions for sex positions.

The Sex with Google Glass site mentions that the app will automatically erase videos after five hours, but Maktabi said there may be an option to save the videos for longer. He isn't ready to share any details on this function or discuss the Snapchat-style privacy implications.

What we're left with is a lot of questions about how the app may ultimately shape up and how Google and Apple would react to it seeking a place in their app stores. It could be a fun option for adventurous couples, or it could be a can of app-approval and privacy worms.