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Set your mouse cursor to hide automatically

Use this simple app to hide your mouse cursor when you're not using it, freeing you from a distraction when watching movies or videos on your computer.

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The bottom-right corner of your desktop display will forever be known to most people as the place you put your mouse cursor when watching a movie or video in full-screen mode. If you want to view your movie or game sans mouse, your only real option is to move the mouse to the edge of the screen. Hopefully, there's no hidden control bar there, because that would cause it to display instead.

Kimbra - "Good Intent" video, Mammal Films, 2011. WMG 2011

The problem is, at least on newer versions of Windows, that the cursor isn't designed to disappear after a period of inactivity. To solve this problem, try out AutoHideMouseCursor from Nenag Hrg. This free software is easy to use, lightweight, and portable.

Step 1: Download and install AutoHideMouseCursor

Step 2: Run the extracted program.

Step 3: By default, the inactivity trigger is set to 5 seconds. To adjust the time, move the slider on the lower-left side of the program window.

Step 4: In the Preferences heading, check the option labeled Start with Windows. This will ensure that the app runs every time your computer is shut down or restarted.

Step 5: Under the #Options menu, make sure the Always start minimized (ToTray) choice is enabled.

That's all there is for setup! After a period of inactivity, your mouse cursor will automatically hide. Not only is this perfect for home uses, you may also find this program helpful if you spend a lot of time in word processors at work.

(Via Ghacks)