See Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in amazing fan-made teaser

John Smith made an incredible teaser trailer for the 8th series of "Doctor Who" that easily outdoes the one made by the BBC.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico

John Smith

The 8th Series of "Doctor Who" is coming to the BBC this August. For its part, the BBC has released a teaser trailer aimed at building anticipation for the series, but the BBC's effort is nothing compared with this incredible fan-made teaser.

The trailer was made by John Smith, a visual-effects artist and owner of one of the most common names of all time.

In it, the glorious wooden Tardis materializes in a rainstorm and opens to reveal Peter Capaldi as the new doctor. The Doctor is soon joined by his trusty companion Clara as they explore the beautiful world Smith created. Smith's trailer is a work of art and does a lot to build excitement for the next series.

Here's hoping the BBC taps Smith to produce future "Doctor Who" promos, or at the very least they learn that a 15-second clip with a shadow of the Doctor is pretty dang unimpressive.