Seahawks lose Super Bowl, but Left Shark wins the Internet

In life, unlike in football, sometimes when you lose you really win. Such is the case with one of the halftime show dancing sharks, which turned in a truly meme-tastic performance.

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Eric Mack
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A different kind of "beast mode" on display at half time. Video screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

A failure in the play-calling and passing departments in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX may have cost the Seattle Seahawks the game, but the failure of a dancing guy in a cartoon shark outfit to give a single damn during Katy Perry's halftime spectacular has won the Internet.

Somewhere in between riding in on a large, robotic-looking lion or tiger thing and flying around the stadium as fireworks erupted over Glendale, Ariz., Katy Perry did a number surrounded by a flock of dancing beachballs and flanked on either side by two cartoonish-looking sharks. It was a lot of visual stimuli to take in at once, so you'd be forgiven for failing to notice that the shark dancing on the left side of the screen was not entirely bringin' it, to borrow a phrase from Hollywood's most popular cheerleading movie franchise.

But the Internet most certainly noticed, and today, "Left Shark" has blossomed into a full-blown cuddly, clumsy and carnivorous meme machine.

First, to really appreciate Left Shark in all its glory, check out the below viral Vine of the actual performance. Compare the sharks' performance to see what the Web is chattering about:

The world quickly went to work on Photoshop, instantly raising Left Shark's profile, and often to hilarious effect...

...and that's just the beginning. But who is this Left Shark? What mystery man wears the plush representation of a cartilaginous carnivore with such distinction? A Katy Perry dancer who goes by the name Bryan Gaw , it would appear. He retweeted this breakdown of the shark lineup without making any corrections, leading us to believe he could indeed be the most famous shark on the Internet at the moment.