SCP Foundation web series coming to YouTube

A live-action web series based on user-generated horror website the SCP Foundation has appeared on YouTube.

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(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

A live-action web series based on user-generated horror website the SCP Foundation has appeared on YouTube.

One of our favourite wikis — nay, websites — ever is the SCP Foundation. It's a wondrously creepy place, home to a user-generated database for the mysterious eponymous organisation; a clandestine body with a disturbing purpose: securing and containing unexplainable, deeply dangerous artefacts and beings with eldritch powers.

There are nearly 2000 entries in the user-generated catalogue. Some of our favourites include SCP-087, a set of stairs that seems to go down forever; SCP-426, a killer toaster that can only be referred to in the first person; SCP-294, a vending machine that can dispense anything with a liquid form; and SCP-055, an "anti-meme" that wipes itself from the observer's memory as soon as the observer looks away. (We suspect the Doctor Who writers may have drawn inspiration from the SCP Foundation.)

SCP-173.(Credit: The SCP Foundation)

And then there's the most famous artefact: SCP-173, a deadly monster that remains completely still while being observed, but moves with deadly intent when out of line of sight, including when you're blinking. (See?)

This last was the subject of indie horror game SCP: Containment Breach — and now appears to be the star of a new live-action web series. Called Project █████, it actually looks pretty similar to the game, starting with SCP-173 escaping its enclosure.

So far, only a 48-second teaser has been released, but the production looks pretty sweet. We only hope that the series manages to move on from SCP-173. Although it's certainly an interesting SCP entry, there's a lot of really interesting material that the show has to work with, and Doctor Who already covered the ground pretty thoroughly with its Weeping Angels.

Watch it yourself in the video below, and subscribe to the Project █████ YouTube channel here. And if you're unfamiliar with the SCP Foundation, go check it out. We recommend you start with the top-rated entries.