School rewards students with fake online Lady Gaga

A school employee is disciplined after trying to fool elementary school students in New Jersey that they are having an online chat with Lady Gaga.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Is there anything worse than disappointing an excited child? Especially if you've promised the little tyke that he or she will be able to have an online chat with royalty?

It seems that an employee of a Tenafly, N.J., elementary school might be pondering this after promising kids, as a reward for their work, that they would be able to chat online with the world's most famous lady. No, not little Miss Kate Middleton, but the great Lady Gaga.

You might wonder how this employee thought she might have access to her ladyship. You might think that the chances were infinitely small. But in this case, the school employee reportedly told the kids she had interned at MTV while Gaga, who is from New Jersey, was also there.

CBS New York offered a painful account of this desperate episode.